Community Service

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Ronald McDonald House 

Members of E-Board delivered baked goods as well as healthy snacks to the residents of the Ronald McDonald Home.

Oral Health Day

Oral Health Day is undeniably our proudest accomplishment in community service. Having served over 500 patients with with extractions, fillings, and cleanings, we found our way that serves the community with a big impact. This was a huge task, but judging by the gratitude of our patients, this event will be here for years to come!

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Community Day 2018

Community Day is an annual event where Meharry has a block party for the families of the surrounding Nashville community. This year, Meharry ASDA provided snacks and activities for the kids!

Happy Healthy Halloween 2018

Happy Healthy Halloween is an annual event where Meharry creates a safe environment for kids to trick-or-treat and have Halloween fun! This year, members of Meharry ASDA dressed up as characters from Disney & Pixar's "Coco", featuring activities and healthy snacks! Meharry ASDA even won for best costume!

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