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Community Service

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Nashville Rescue Mission Fall Clothing Drive

Thank you to the gracious Meharry students, faculty, and staff for helping change the lives of neighbors experiencing homelessness at Nashville Rescue Mission.

It’s never too late to help. Follow Nashville Rescue Mission and help our neighbors this holiday with a Donation.

Oral Health Day

Oral Health Day is undeniably our proudest accomplishment in community service. Having served over 500 patients with with extractions, fillings, and cleanings, we found our way that serves the community with a big impact. This was a huge task, but judging by the gratitude of our patients, this event will be here for years to come!

Save the date: August 26, 2023! 

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ASDA Week of Service

ASDA Week of Service 2023 (Jan 16-22) was a great success as proud Meharrians donated their time, effort and resources to instill the mission of the school, “Worship of God through Service to Mankind.”

Meharrians participated in several outreach/fundraising events benefiting hundreds of Tennessee Residents:

Mid-South Mission of Mercy - Dozens of Meharrians traveled to Memphis, TN to assist with operations of a dental clinic helping the underserved.

Madison Middle School Family Night - A group of Meharrians conducted free oral health screenings and patient education.

School Beautification at Park Avenue Elementary School - Community Service Chairs, Aisha Jenkins & Melissa Romain helped create a beautiful healthy environment for young learners where learning and camaraderie is enhanced.

MLK Black Book Drive - ASDA Collected dozens of books for Safe Haven Family Shelter, focused around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Winter Coat Drive - ASDA brought some warmth to Nashville Residents by collecting 67 pieces of winter clothing (i.e., coats, jackets, hats) for “One Warm Coat” Organization.

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