A Word From Our President



Thank you for visiting the Meharry ASDA Chapter website. The Meharry Chapter board consists of over twenty outstanding leaders, truly committed to fulfilling the purpose of the American Student Dental Association. They have all made a choice to share the time dedicated to becoming a Doctor of Dental Surgery along with planning and executing informative events for their colleagues to attend. I am proud to lead such a diverse chapter that constantly develops programming heavily focused on service, wellness and advocacy.


Our mission here at Meharry Medical College is “Worship of God, Through Service to Mankind” and we allow those words to be the foundation of everything that we do. Under dynamic leadership during the 2019 – 2020 academic year, we hosted our 4th Annual Oral Health Day and treated over 500 patients in the Nashville Metro area.


In addition to our community outreach efforts, we also established our very first annual Beyond The Clinics: Business Symposium. The goal of the Business Symposium is to introduce dental students to the world of business, private practice, and organized dentistry through lectures and panelists provided by the ADA Success program, Tennessee Dental Association and dental related health care professionals.


This year, we have a newly created Diversity & Inclusion sector of the executive board and are determined to expand our influence as a chapter to host exceptional events, programs and community service projects. It is my hope that our events remain impactful to students, faculty and the community at large. We welcome networking and partnership opportunities with dental students, professionals and leaders. ASDA has created a platform for dental students to be heard, valued and supported and the Meharry Chapter will continue to contribute directly to those efforts. Thank you for visiting our website and please feel free to contact our leadership at any time.

               -Taylor Jackson, Meharry ASDA Chapter President 2020-2021