The Advocacy Committee's passion for impacting government through awareness and legislative action has become quite contagious this year. Our team, headed by our Legislative Liaisons, Kyle Nwanko and Christianna Potter, makes sure to convey the importance of letting our voices be heard in government and what can happen if we let politics become an afterthought.

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April 14-16, 2019
The Washington Hilton
Washington, D.C.

This year, Meharry advocacy chairs travelled to Washington D.C. to contribute to the ADA's voice on Capitol Hill. Issues that were brought up were the McCarran-Ferguson Repeal for Health Insurance, Student Loans and High Education Act, and the Ensuring Lasting Smiles Act. Congressmen and women heard from many politically active dentists and dental students.

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#MeharryASDA wants you!


Mid-Level Providers: Helping the Industry or Hurting Our Business?

The purpose of the debate was to educate students on the existence of midlevel providers and provide a forum in which the pros and cons were discussed. The event also aimed to highlight ASDA’s stance on the issue.

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Issa Poll Party

The Advocacy committee emphasized the importance of being active voters on election day by hosting a party in the student union.

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